Western Music Theory: Metric & Tonal Structure

Copyright © 2017 by Ainolnaim Azizol
All rights reserved.

This is an open source e-book project started on 1 January 2017 and still in the process of development. I will try to complete each topic and upload them within a one to two-week time frame. Suggestions and comments are welcomed for further improvements.

This e-book is suitable for music learners aged 12 and above, who wish to learn how to read and write music by using Western musical notation language. It contains four levels which topics will be explained from the music composition point of view (application). This e-book includes simple-concise explanations with infographics, quick referencing tips-formulas and short exercises. Note that reproduction and distribution of materials from this e-book solely for educational purposes are permitted, provided the author must be given credit by source citation.


Level 1

Fundamentals of Music Notation Reading and Writing in Western Music

  1. Pitch, Tone and Note
  2. Metric system
  3. Tuning system
  4. Voicing system
    • a. Diatonic and Chromatic Intervals (Pitch Notes)
    • b. Melody
    • c. Harmony (Dyads, Triads and Chords)
    • d. Non-Chord Notes (also known as Non-Chord Tones)
  5. Timbre System
    • a. Dynamic (Loudness) and Symbols
    • b. Articulation and Symbols
    • c. Specific Articulation
      1. Piano
      2. Strings
      3. Woodwind and Brass (Winds)
      4. Percussion (Timpani, Cymbal, Triangle and Bass Drum)
      5. Harp

Level 2

  1. Musical Motive and Form Structure
  2. Chord Progression Formula
  3. Harmony in 4-part writing – Part 1

Level 3

  1. Cadence
  2. Modulation (Harmonic)
  3. Chromatic Harmony (Addition) in 4-part writing – Part 2
    • a. Tonicization: Secondary Dominant Chord
    • b. Tonicization: Secondary Leading Note Chord

Level 4

  1. Chromatic Harmony (Subsitution) in 4-part writing – Part 3

Copyright © 2017 by Ainolnaim Azizol
All rights reserved.

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