7th UiTM-KLPac Composers Concert Series 2016


Free Entrance

(Door Donation)


Wednesday, 23 November 2016 | Pentas 2, KLPac Sentul, 8:00pm

Seven Sisters for Guitar and Electronics with Eight Speakers (world premiere).

Nathan Fischer (Guitar)

Ainolnaim (Electronics with Eight Speakers)


Saturday, 26 November 2016 | Pentas 2, KLPac Sentul, 8:00pm

Nocturne I – Ulek for Soprano, Sampled Gender-Slenthem, Electronics with Eight Speakers and Movements.

Khairunnisa Diyana (Soprano)

Ainolnaim (Sampled Gender-Slenthem, Electronics with Eight Speakers)


2nd International Music and Performing Arts Conference – IMPAC 2016

imageIMPAC 2016

Date: 22nd-24th November 2016

Venue: Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris UPSI, Tanjung Malim Perak, Malaysia.


Nadi Bumi: Extended Techniques for Alto Recorder and Science (Paper Proceeding and Presentation on 22nd November 2016, 1400-1530, Choir Room.)


Previous musical acoustic researches have defined acoustic properties of recorder fundamental techniques for sound production such as tunings, dynamics, articulations and timbres. However, the acoustic properties and extended techniques other than multiphonics of recorder especially for alto recorder are not distinctly defined, scientifically and artistically. The aims of this research paper are to: 1) study the scientific and artistic profiles of alto recorder selective conventional extended techniques sound production that exists in contemporary classical recorder music compositions and 2) discuss a newly discovered extended techniques derived from the selective conventional extended techniques which were partly used in Nadi Bumi. This paper presents the applied research on Nadi Bumi music composition derived from instrumentation study, musical ideas associated with bone whistle or flute, Fibonacci number series, Schumann Resonance and spectral music techniques. Eventually, the research led to empirical study of alto recorder conventional and new extended techniques in sound production. The present study was carried by employing narrowband short-time Fourier Transform (STFT) spectrogram analysis, absolute scale non-linear decibel loudness seismograph analysis, music composition analysis based on selected readings of contemporary recorder music composition score excerpts and its controlled audio recording environment of alto recorder sound production sampling. The study ultimately led to the exploration of new alto recorder extended techniques sound production which will be discussed at the end of the paper. Music composers are anticipated to make reference to this research framework for future development of new and alternative artistic alto recorder music compositions.

Keywords Music, Alto recorder, Extended techniques, Composition

Malaysia Music Technology Festival – SPECTRA 2016

Nocturne I – Ulek for Soprano, Sampled Gender-Slenthem and Electronics with Eight Speakers was premiered for the second time (world premiered at 7th Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival 2014) for SPECTRA 2016 on 22nd October 2016. The event took place at White Box, Publika Solaris Dutamas Kuala Lumpur, organised by Faculty of Music UiTM and supported by Goethe Institut Kuala Lumpur, PGVIM, Faculty of Music Silpakorn University, Birmingham Conservatoire, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak UNIMAS, Toccata Studio and Redbull Media Malaysia. The piece was performed by Khairunnisa Diyana (soprano) and myself (sampled gender-slenthem and electronics with eight speakers). The piece was revised for eight speakers and added with an interlude section (rhythmic spatial, sound object and sampled gamelan Gender & Slenthem). The text of the music is based on a poem nocturne written by Malaysia National Laurette, Muhammad Haji Salleh and the music was gravitated by the sound-world idea of ulek mayang, which was originated from the place that I was born, East-Coast Peninsular Malaysia.

Nocturne (poem) Muhammad Haji Salleh

tonight we have the sea
and sky to help us live.
the winds that blow from behind us
persuade us to go into the future, 
tell us not to fear
tranquility or difference. 
late tonight we borrow the music of nature
to mend the rhythm of our souls
newly broken by the pace of machines
i hold your hand
to marry my body to your lucidity.
in this dawn 
we find a world
that understand us. 
we string our experiences
as proof of our humanness.



Flauto Dolce New Recorder Music Composition 2016 Lausanne Switzerland

In conjunction with Composition Competition Flauto Dolce 2016, Nadi Bumi for Amplified Alto Recorder in F was awarded with 3rd Prize Award (category A- solo composition) and world premiered by Marc Pauchard on 24th September 2016 at Eglise Saint-Laurent de Lausanne, Switzerland. The evening concert was recorded and broadcasted by the radio RTS Espace2


Wolfram SCHURIG, Austria, President
Carola BAUCKHOLT, Germany
Nadir VASSENA, Switzerland
Conrad STEINMANN, Switzerland
Antonio POLITANO, Italy