SoL: Nada Sfera

I developed a self-contained binaural soundscape streamer known as Nada Sfera Streamer, as well a web-based audio analyser (Nada Sfera Analyser) and a web-based interactive sound-art installation (Nada Sfera Playground), for one of my PhD portfolio project (Seed of Life – SoL). Established in 2020, this self-funded pilot project is supported by Locus Sonus, Bristol Interaction Group, UiTM Data Accelerated Group, and UiTM Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development. A paper has been published regarding this project during the Electroacoustic Music Studies Network Conference 2021 at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK (see

For Nada Sfera Analyser and Nada Sfera Playground, click the link below.

Nada Sfera Analyser is a real-time soundscape audio data streaming audio analysis and monitoring for Nada Sfera Streamer based on Web-Audio API and Geolocation API.

Nada Sfera Playground is an interactive sound-art installation based on multiple source of real-time soundscape audio streaming from Nada Sfera Streamer.

About Nada Sfera Binaural Streamer

Nada Sfera Binaural Streamer is operated based on Locus Sonus Streambox device platform that I had explored during the Acoustic Commons: Creative Technical Workshop #2 in 2021. Nada Sfera Binaural Streamer features a self-contained device that can operate around the clock, powered with a combination of solar-battery powered and wind generator, equiped with binaural matched-pair electret microphones for immersive listening experience and sonic views, high quality audio recording format at 16 to 24 bit and 44.1 to 96 KHz sample rate, weather-proof and WiFi (mesh) network enable. In addition, an external acoustic sensor such as hydrophone, geophone, ultrasonic microphone etc. can be connected at the back of the device via XLR connector. The device can be mounted on a float or buoy, or securely hung on a tree branch. Additional sensors module such as GPS and compass can be easly installed with the Raspberry Pi (HAT).

I would like to share some basic streaming remote maintainance and troubleshooting of the device based on Raspberry Pi and Arch Linux OS via SSH. Please refer here: