2.a) Notes and Rests

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Updated: 2 January 2017

2.a.1) Note: Anatomy

  1. Figure 2.a.1 below, is the anatomy of standard (conventional or traditional) Western Art (Classical) music notation note symbol. This type of note symbol is still widely used in today’s musical writing (pop music, orchestra film music etc.).
Figure 2.a.1

2.a.2) Note: Values, Symbols and Names

  1. Note is a musical notational symbol which provides the sustained sound length-value (note value) in beats and with or without pitch information within the clef-stave. In order to be familiar with the note values, note value symbols and note value names, it is advisable to practice writing (copying) these musical note information many times in the short exercises attached at the end of this topic.
Figure 2.a.2

Exercise 2.a.2

2.a.3) Rest: Symbols, Names, and Values

  1. Rest is also known as silent (no sound). In this musical context, rest is a musical notation symbol which represent a certain moment of silent within a specific duration in number of beat(s) during a musical event. Rest is an important musical notation device in creating rhythms and articulations (fluctuations of sound).
Figure 2.a.3

Exercise 2.a.3

2.a.4) Dotted Note and Dotted  Rest: What is “dotted” for?

Figure 2.a.4

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Copyright © 2017 by Ainolnaim Azizol
All rights reserved.
Updated: 2 January 2017
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