Scope Visualizer DSO-138

I would like to have some visual reference to see the ‘unheard’ sonic changes produced by my eurorack modules and signal wave changes by other external circuits. Therefore, I’ve decided to use commercial pocket Digital Signal Oscilloscope DSO-138 to be integrated as eurorack module.

Modification as follows:

  1. Providing 12V+ (DC) power supply with power regulator circuit from eurorack power module.
  2. Installing on(off) toggle switch for DSO-138 power supply.
  3. Installing A-B input/output via 3.5mm mono audio jack with switchable input mode via toggle switch for signal comparison.
  4. Installing probe input via 3.5mm mono audio jack.
  5. 3-D printed 3U, 24HP module panel at 2.5mm thickness for the DSO-138 housing and mounting: Downloadable design by me here (don’t forget to credit :), you’re welcome).

For better 3-D printing outcomes and future modifications, the module consists of two parts eurorack housing which can be glued together:

  1. LCD set housing
  2. Switches and I/O housing