This page consists of a basic list of command lines via SSH connection for remotely maintaining and troubleshooting Raspberry Pi with Arch Linux (ARM) OS used for Nada Sfera Binaural Streamer. I hope this page may be useful as a reference for others with similar device usage.

CPU and RAM Status Monitoring (Dynamic)


CPU Temperature Monitoring (Static)

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp
echo "$((cpu/1000)) c"

Wifi Signal Strenght Monitoring (Static)

-66 dBm consider a reliable wifi signal strength (excellent wifi signal strength is at >-50 dBm)

IP Address for Geolocation Information (Static)

IP Address of Raspberry Pi WiFi broadband (WLAN). If you use 4G WiFI USB modem dongle, refer to usb0 inet details and copy-paste the IP Address on ‘open source ip address location finder web service’ on the internet such as

You may want to explore real-time dynamic RPi location tracking via IP Address and Google Maps API.

Shutdown or Reboot

sudo shutdown -h now
sudo shutdown -r now

-h is ‘halt’ and -r is ‘reboot’. You can set a specific time to shutdown or reboot by replacing ‘now’ with ‘hh:mm:ss’ or ‘+mm’ for the given minutes left to shutdown or reboot. To cancel the shutdown or reboot command, enter the code sudo shutdown -c. You may want to explore a code line that can automatic execute other commands daily based on programmed schedule (search for systemd timer).