Briefcase Eurorack Modules

DIY List:

Eurorack Wooden Case: 3+3U, 84HP

Signal Visualiser: DSO-318 Oscilloscope

Digital Delay: PT2399 Echo IC Processor (Pair)

Passive Linear-Signal Attenuator: 4 i/o and Ratio Knobs

Digital Random Generative CV Sequencer Module: Arduino Nano

Digital LFO CV with External Clock Sync: Arduino Nano

Passive Signal Multiplier : 4(1×3) i/o

Analog Mixer: Buffered 4 Channels input AC/DC offset

Mute (Kill-Switches) for 6 Channels i/o

Mono to Stereo Panner and Summing Mixer: Multiple Inverted Signals

VCA: 6 in, 6 out with CV/ Gate

VCO: 40106 IC with 6 oscillators

16 Step Sequencer

Sound Source: Sound Box

Digital Sampler/ Looper: Raspberry Pi Zero+ (IQAudio Codec Zero) – Maybe?

Controller 1: Arduino Nano Sequencer – Maybe?

Controller 2: Arduino Nano MIDI to CV

Ready for Action List:

Controller 3: Modular Thing Mikrophonie

Power Supply Unit: Behringer CP1A

Analog Delay: Doepfer BBD A-188 (4096)

Controller 4: Behringer S&H / Random Voltage Control 1036

VCO/ VCA/ VCF: Behringer System 100 110 – Maybe?

Behringer 305 Equalizer / Stereo Pan-Mixer