Random/ Generative CV Sequencer Generator

Inspired by Pure Data (Pd) [random] object and Generative Sequencer Generator module design by Hagewo (thank you so much for sharing this to the world!).

Arduino Nano (Clone version) Error: Note that, I’ve bought the clone version arduino Nano and after soldered all the pins, I’ve attached it to my computer via USB resulting power-LED on and L-LED to blinking continuously. I’ve tried to upload a blank sketch into the clone Nano to reset the pre-installed L-LED blink sketched but failed with avrdude error and communication error status. The clone Nano seems to be connected into the correct port and all serial drivers were updated and I’ve even tried to use my original arduino UNO to established serial communication with the clone Nano via SPI method but same status occurred. After going through several forums/discussions tabs on the net for a day, the SOLUTION is to upload a sketch in that clone Nano by selecting UNO board instead of Nano board (Tools>Board>Uno) and that’s it!.

The arduino Nano will be programmed to randomly generate several set of CV sequence and we might (theoretically) be able to create several non-equal random output from multiple superset random CV sequence and this might depends on the processing power and i/o available on the clone Nano board. However, arduino is an MCU and only can run one program at a time, but we will experiment this possibility

Nano: 1 program = [Random generator A] + [Random generator B] + [Random generator B]

While waiting for the DAC 12-bit to arrive to be working with this project, I will continue with Sync LFO (external clock sync) with single arduino UNO insired by Hagewo and some minor modification on the next page.

To be updated// 26.08.21


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