International Music Institute Darmstadt: Cage+ Concert, Germany 2012

Under the direction of Christian Dierstein and Arnold Marinissen, selected new-short percussion pieces will be performed with other Cage’s percussion music for Cage+ concert project during International Music Institute Darmstadt Germany Summer Course, 2012. Among others, a short percussion piece by Ainolnaim, C-lat (silat) will be premiered.

Date: 26th July 2012 (Thurs).

Time: 4pm

Venue: International Music Institute Darmstadt, Böllenfalltorhalle, Germany.



Programme Notes

C-Lat was composed based on the Malay martial art Silat, which was inspired from the physical movement of the Silat actions and the traditional music that accompanies the fight. Generally, the Silat music is known as Gendang Silat (Silat drumming). The Gendang Silat is associated with the ancient traditional theater music of Malay Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppet Play). The progress and development of both the Gendang Silat and this piece are interchangeable in describing the visual image of the gradually aggressive Silat self-defense actions. Cage described “everything that we do is music” and this “spirit” is apparent in Cage’s percussion works; Trio, Third Construction, Branches and Six. I have tried to reflect this in my work C-Lat (Silat); the sound is created from various objects both man made and from nature. The sounds from the objects uses in C-Lat such as branches, wood and water are also used in Cage’s work Branches. The use of objects from nature as instruments reflects Cage’s philosophy that “everything we do is music”. My work also draws upon this philosophy by translating human movement not intended to be musical into a musical form.   


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