Carl von Ossiestzky International Composition Competition 2011/12

Ali With A Green Apple, composed by Ainolnaim is a piece for percussion ensemble and was submitted for Carl von Ossietzky Composition Competition held by the University of Oldenburg, Music Department 2011. Work submission from 37 countries, Ali With A Green Apple was selected along 16 compositions to be included in ”Schlagwerk Ossietzky” or Schlagwerk Nordwest” (from Oldenburg) repertoire for the event.

Ali With A Green Apple was notated mostly in “graphic score” form and expected to be performable by medium level performer. The aim of the piece is to expose the element of contemporary music to children (performer) at age of 10 and above with the guidance from medium to advance level performer. Besides using the xylophone, ordinary objects were used as percussion instruments in the piece. This will allow the performers to explore and be creative in sound creation. -Archive/Score


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