Young Composers in Southeast Asia Competition & Festival 2011

Young Composers in Southeast Asia Competition and Festival 2011 held by Goethe Institute and University Pendidikan Indonesia for two weeks during October at Bandung, Yogyakarta and Jakarta. 10 pieces were selected and among them, three works by Malaysian young composers were world premiered by Ensemble Mosaik, Berlin and Kyai Fatahillah, conducted by Robert HP Platz throughout the events. Three composers were awarded for their best work performances; Alexander JL Villaneuva, Danilo Endangan Imson and Matius Shan Boone. -Archive/Score/Video

10 Young Composers:

  • Alexander JL Villaneuva -Threnody IV for flt, cl, pno, vln, vlc, c.b, s.pkg, s.brg, s.dmg, g.pns, g. brg. (Philippine)
  • Ainolnaim Bin Azizol – Yehyak for, s.pkg, g,brg. (Malaysia)
  • Reis Luke Aquino – Daluyon (currents) for flt, f.horn, cl, vln, vlc, c.b,s.brg, s.dmg (Philippine)
  • Huey Ching Chong – Intimate for suling and nicophone (Malaysia)
  • Diecky K. Indrapraja – Interuption! (an interaction) for flt, alt.sax, vlc, s.brg, s.dmg, sltm, g.brg. (Indonesia)
  • Chow Jun Yan – Ning for flt, cl, vln, vlx, s.pkg, s.dmg, g.brg. (Malaysia)
  • Diana Li Ling Soh – Therefore It Will Be a Case of Crosssightedness for flt,, pno, vlc, perc. (Singapore)
  • Gan Ruo Xian – Within Avatars for flt,, pno, vln, vla, vlc, c.b, perc, s.pkg, s.brg, s.dmg,g.pns,  (Singapore)
  • Danilo Endangan Imson – Bulung-Bulungan for alt.flt,, pno, suling, sthm. (Philippine/Singapore)
  • Matius Shan Boone – Mukena for flt, ob,, vln, vla, vlc, pno, s.pkg, s.brg, s.dmg, kendang, perc. (Indonesia)

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